Collector Card

About Me:


My name is Remy Caroline
I'm 29 years old from Canada

My Collector number on the CCI is 770


Collection Info:


I've been collecting since 2006, I  first started collecting caps when I attended parties, weddings, and I thought they we're pretty cool. I never thought I would end up with such a huge collection and be so serious about this hobby. My collection currently has over 5200 different caps from 92 Different Countries. I've acquired caps from events I attended, family members and friends, travels and Ebay. I've acquired alot of caps by trading as well.



I don't collect champagne caps nor ceramic caps. I also don't have any interest in inside messages or beer labels.

I only collect beer coasters, and crown caps.

I've successfully Traded with over 50 Collectors from various places around the world.


If you'd like to trade with me then email me at: 


Ebay:  **COMING SOON!**

Bulk Orders are available for sale as well as assorted lots of bottle caps on my Ebay page.